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Exile From Faction Amused: 2013, Oil on Canvas, 91 x 122 cm (36 x 48 in) Things I Bring When Seizing Ground: 2013, Oil on Canvas, 102 x 76 cm 40 x 30 in Of Course in the Age of Sunset: 2013, Oil on Canvas, 41 x 51 cm (16 x 20 in) While The Other Side Tramples Greener Grass  : 2013, Oil on Canvas, 91 x 122 cm (36 x 48 in) Fancy Fever: 2013, Oil on Canvas, 91 x 61 cm (36 x 24 in) Shadows, Stories, and Safety Measures: 2013, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 60 cm (12 x 24 in) A Boy Named Crow: 2013, Oil on Canvas, 61 x 91cm (24 x 36 in) Conception of Complex: 2013, Oil on Canvas, 208 x 138 cm (82 x 54 in) Oops I Did It Again  : 2013, Oil on Canvas, 61 x 51 cm (24 x 20 in) Broken Strings: 61 x 91cm (24inx36in) 2012 Industry Cast: 41cm x 51cm(16in x 20in) 2011 Kiss: 61cmx91cm(24inx36in)2011 When I Grow up: 41cmx51cm(16inx20in) 2010 EatItAnyway: 60cm x 30cm(24inx12in) 2010 Road Trip: 30cmx60cm(12nx24in) 2010 Eleven eleven: 25cmx25cm(10nx10in) 2010 A Simple Man:20cmx25cm(8inx10in) 2010 All You Can Eat: 51cmx51cm(20inx20in) 2010 Before the Beanstock: 25cmx25cm(10nx10in) 2010 Jack: 20cmx25cm(8inx10in) 2010 Stock Tip: 20cmx25cm(8nx10in) 2010 After the Flood: 25cmx25cm(10nx10in) 2010 ADistinctiveDiversion: 25cmx25cm(10nx10in) 2010 Forget The Architecture: 66cmx102cm(26inx40in) Fighting With Architecture: 122cm x 122cm(48 inx48in) DwarfingArchitecture: 60cm x 30cm(24inx12in) Kyoto Architecture: 60cm x 30cm(24inx12in) Living With Architecture: 122cm x 122cm(48 inx48in) Bill: 30cmx60cm(12nx24in) Architecture Loving: 122cm x 122cm(48 inx48in) My Childhood Architecture: 41cm x 51cm(16inx20in) Looking Back On Architecture: 51cmx41cm(20inx16in) Uniting With Architecture: 66cmx102cm(26inx40in) Picking Up Women With Architecture: 66cmx102cm(26inx40in) Bottle Lady: 30cmx91cm (12inx36in) Playing With Architecture: 71cmx 56cm(22inx30in) Outside Architecture: 76cmx152cm(30inx60in) Sunset Architecture: 30cmx30cm(12inx12in) Look At My Tongue: 30cmx60cm(12nx24in) Cloudy Architecture: 71cmx56cm(28inx22in) Father Architecture: 30cmx60cm(12nx24in) Chubby Cheeks: 36cmx36cm(14nx14in) Old Man Architecture: 15cmx60cm(6nx24in) Car(pet)Bomber: 91cmx152cm(36inx60) Red Stretch Woman: 75cmx60cm(36nx24in) Old Eye: 61cmx61cm(24inx24in) Thanks For Dinner: 30cmx60cm(12nx24in) Running With Architecture: 61cmx61cm(24inx24in) Diving To The Top: 60cmx51cm(24inx20in).jpg Coin Opperated Monkey: 56cmx71cm(22inx28in) View Master Romance And Everyday Life: 75cmx75cm(30inx30in) Coin Operated Orient: 30cmx122cm(12inx48in) Tiger Tent: 30cmx60cm(12nx24in) Grandma Sly: 30cmx30cm(12nx12in) Night Boy In Kyoto: 41cmx51cm(16inx20in) Whale Sushi: 15cmx60cm(6nx24in) Dancing Bear: 41cmx51cm(16inx20in) Walking Among Buildings: 41cmx51cm(16inx20in) Princess Grump: 30cmx30cm(12nx12in) Penguins and Pecock: 41cmx51cm(16inx20in) Carrion Eaters: 36cmx36cm(14nx14in) Long Man: 20cmx122cm(8inx48in) Balloon and Architecture 15cmx60cm(6nx24in).jpg City Lights Woman: 41cmx51cm(16inx20in) Blue: 61cmx30.5cm(12inx24in) High Maintenance: (12inx36in)30cmx91cm Alley: 61cmx91cm(24inx36in) tricycle: 41cmx51cm(16inx20in) Holding a Beer: 41cmx51cm(16inx20in) Imaginary Camera: 25cmx25cm(10inx10in) Plaid man: 30cmx30cm(12inx12in) GlassesGuy: 61cmx30.5cm(12inx24in) BubblGirl: 30cmx30cm(12inx12in) CryingBoy: 30cmx30cm(12nx12in) BigWheels: 40cmx51cm(16inx20in) Crazylaughing: 46cmx46cm(18inx18in) Sneer: 30cmx30cm(12inx12in) Old Man Umbrella: 36cmx36cm(14in14in) Oi: 30cmx30cm(12nx12in) Whispering Boy: 46cmx46cm(18nx18in) News Stand: 46cmx46cm(18in18in) Grumpy Man: 30cmx30cm(12nx12in) Trumpeteer: 51cmx51cm(20inx20in) Kissing: Kissing-30cmx30cm(12nx12in) Round Face: 30cmx30cm(12nx12in) Suit 76cmx102cm, 30inx40in Opperation (24inx30in) 61cmx76cm Mine Sweeper (12inx36in) 30cmx91cm Mourning Chickens 41cmx51cm (16inx20in) Faces Tree Juice 24inx12in(61cmx30.5cm) Water Baby 30cmx30cm (12inx12in) Flowers (20inx20in) 51cmx51cm Distort Guy Above (20inx20in) 51cmx51cm Dandelion (10inx10in) 25cmx25cm Beaker 30cmx30cm (12inx12in) Guy and Dog 20cmx20cm (8inx8in) Flying from Memories 24cmx12cm (61inx30.5in) Makeup 30cmx30cm (12inx12in) Sheep Herder 30cmx30cm (12inx12in) Dino Plow 30cmx30cm (12inx12in) Two Dogs 30cmx30cm (12inx12in) A Fox Who Wants to be a Wolf 30cmx30cm (12inx12in) Old City Street (20inx201n) 51cmx51cm Cop 41cmx51cm (16inx20in) Madam 30cmx30cm (12inx12in) Waiting for the Seal 51cmx51cm 20inx20in Hockey Guy 60cm x 36cm, 91.5in x 152in Blurry City Telescope 56.5cm x71cm, 22.5in x 28in Hand Guy: 25.5cm x 122cm, 10inx 48in The Zebra and the Tiger: 91.5cm x 91.5cm, 36in x 36in Girl and her Bear: 122cm x 162cm, 48in x 24.5in Old Style Race:  62cm x 122cm,  24.5in x 48in Outlook on Amenity: 76cm x 76cm, 30in x 30in Ignoring the Lights: 45.5 cm x 61cm, 18in x 24in Windows: 36cm x 78cm, 15inx30in Balcony: 38cm x 76cm, 15inx30.5in War Games: 61cm x 122cm, 24inx48in Target Family: 4icmx 51cm, 16inx20in Security Guards: 38cm x 76cm, 15inx30in Saving the Children: 41cm x 51cm, 16in x 20in Fish Record: 18cm x 24cm, 46inx61in Trouble: 45.5cm x 53cm, 18inx21in Raceing: 76cm x 91cm, 30inx36in Kaput: 117cm x 117cm, 46in x 46in Samurai:30.5cm x 61cm, 12inx24in Edifice: 20cm x 28.5, 28.5in x 50in FuguGirls Leaving Home: 26cm x 51cm, 10inx20in Boy Baby: 38cm x 76cm ,15in x 30in Time Square Abstract: 92cm x 117cm, 36in x46in Girl's Eye: 25.5cm x 51cm, 16inx20in Reflection: 46cm x 53cm, 16inx21in SkateboardCity Off Limits: 46cm x 61cm, 18inx24in Night Bookstore: 46cm x 53cm, 16inx21in Carrot Juice: 46cm x 53cm, 16inx21in Dino_Fossils: 117cm x 117cm, 46in x 46in Enkay: Two small canvasses Helicopter: 45.5cm x 61 cm, 18in x 24in Laughing Girl: 46cm x 53cm, 16inx21in Navigator: 25.5cm x 2cm, 10in x 28in Mari Mori: 25.5cm x 36cm, 10inx14in Answering the Call to Duty: 35.5cm x 46cm, 35.5inx46in Peek: 41cm x 61cm, 16in x 24in Family Tree:41cm x 61cm, 16in x24in NaturalWorld

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