We are so affluent that people from around the world come to Western cities to cook their food for us. When I was young I turned up my nose at a lot. I hatted the usual brussel sprouts, brocolli, frozen fish and stew. All of the things I hated were too normal to be exciting. Both my brother and I remember the smell of my mom’s most heinous creation, the dreaded white fish fresh from the freezer. It was the dread of our young existence that we still tease our mom about today. It’s a different world now, there are great restaurants everywhere with food from all the postal codes of the world. Only now it’s my parents who are turning their noses  at the beautiful foods of the world. Where I scoffed at the horrible routine of freezer fish my parents and their friends scoff at differences discovered by exploring food. It’s just another example of a battle between the Survivors of the Golden Age.