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I was planning to post a few short blurbs about each of the paintings from my last show. Alas, I didn’t get my act suitably geared up despite great intentions. I need to continue working on verbing my ideas more effectively.
I would like to thank everyone who came out on the 21st, or on any of the following days, to see my show. It means a lot that you gave me a little time from your respective schedules to stop in and see my work. After all the hours I spent in my room, alone, it was wonderful to see so many of you. I truly can’t thank you enough.
Without Further ado, here are the ten plus one paintings that made up “Refugees from the Golden-age”.

We are so affluent that people from around the world come to Western cities to cook their food for us. When I was young I turned up my nose at a lot. I hatted the usual brussel sprouts, brocolli, frozen fish and stew. All of the things I hated were too normal to be exciting. Both my brother and I remember the smell of my mom’s most heinous creation, the dreaded white fish fresh from the freezer. It was the dread of our young existence that we still tease our mom about today. It’s a different world now, there are great restaurants everywhere with food from all the postal codes of the world. Only now it’s my parents who are turning their noses  at the beautiful foods of the world. Where I scoffed at the horrible routine of freezer fish my parents and their friends scoff at differences discovered by exploring food. It’s just another example of a battle between the Survivors of the Golden Age.


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A lot of people ask me about how I start a painting.  Most people figure I do the people last, not so. I start with people and build the canvass around them. Here is an example of a big canvas I did for my show last year. I knew that I wanted the painting to be build around the theme of public affection. When I’m walking around I love seeing people kissing and making out, but I think I’m in the minority. The whole prude thing is boring.  I’m not going to talk anymore about the theme of the painting, I’d like to show you the steps behind this big canvass. All told I spent between 100 and 150 hours on this big 48 in x 48 in piece. It was the main image for my show at LPM in 2009.

Finished painting

Finished painting

You can see the finished painting first. Next come a few progress pictures.